The life of we Party

Sunday Krew was formed in 2010 from players based in the Central Region of Trinidad & Tobago, namely Couva, California & Freeport, who previously played competitive football at the highest levels in T&T and decided to maintain their fitness levels, love for the sport, comradery and network by organizing fete match games amongst similarly inclined teams and by playing amongst ourselves weekly on Sunday morning in what we would call “small goal sweat 11 vs 11”. Note that the “sweat” would on most occasions be followed by cooking and drinking to re-hydrate and re-live the past hour and past glories.

In 2013, born out of a desire to explore sporting and social activities beyond the borders of Trinidad and Tobago, Sunday Krew embarked on its first Master’s football tournament by participating in the Barbados Master’s Over 40 Tournament. With a contingent of players and supporters in the region of 50 members, The Krew realized their dream of captivating their newly found Bajan network, providing competitive football to those witnessing on hand and enjoying the culture and beauty of another island. This led to Sunday Krew making subsequent annual tours to the island aiming to build on their desire to expand their horizons beyond Trinidad & Tobago.

After having participated in the Barbados tournament for six consecutive years and increasing our complement to include players from the Northern and Southern Regions of Trinidad and Tobago, Sunday Krew began exploring other Caribbean islands in which we could establish a similar footprint as in Barbados. Sunday Krew was invited to the Saint Lucia International Masters Tournament in 2019 and this invitation was accepted with exuberant expectations due to the fact that they were afforded the opportunity to embrace a different island, a different culture, a fantastic playing field and atmosphere and last but not least a well- organized and thought-out tournament structure.

Suffice it to say that the Krew members were pleased in 2019 and returned post Covid in 2022. The Krew have committed to return for the 2023 version of the tournament in an effort to maintain our globally expanding network, enjoy their hard earned holiday and family time and continue to play the sport that they love with people who share similar objectives.  Sunday Krew … “The Life of we party”

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