Welcome Message From CEO Alvin Malaykhan

It is with great pleasure that I welcome everyone to the Saint Lucia International Masters Football Invitational 2022. A tournament which we have all been looking forward to for over two years. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, forcing us organizers to go on a two-year hiatus. We are all excited to be back, taking part in events and participating in this sporting activity.

Alvin Malaykhan

It is our pleasure to host and promote tournaments such as these. This new element of regional expansion of our tournament has boosted the sport and enhanced the football landscape, offering players and fans more exciting football matches, which resulted in more visibility and promotional opportunities for our valued sponsors, additionally creating new regional and international partnerships.

With the popularity and excitement of Master’s Football, we see sports as recovery for COVID-19 sports as health benefit, and importantly, we look at the sports tourism impact on our economy. In the past, many teams have graced our shores and have brought direct and indirect economic benefits to Saint Lucia. Direct benefits to hotels, restaurants, transportation, and tour companies.

Veterans in Sports, Inc. has a keen interest in enhancing and developing this attractive brand of football. We know Saint Lucia is a safe, sport loving nation, and so we invite you to embrace this initiative and create the most beautiful tourism experience through sport.

This tournament is designed to provide participating teams with an avenue to showcase their skill, talent, teamwork, endurance and not forgetting the attractive monetary prizes and trophies to be won.

The next few days will allow players to re-enter the field of play, catch up with old friends, make new friends and enjoy our island’s hospitality. Please take the opportunity to explore our beautiful island of SAINT LUCIA.

I would like to wish everyone the best success in the tournament, one which would not have been possible without the combined, powerful support of so many. I would like to express our heartfelt thanks in particular to the sponsors, the visiting and local teams, our partners and friends, the media, and our staff for this incredible show of dedication teamwork and tenacity.


Alvin Malaykhan


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