In the 40th anniversary of Independence of our beautiful island of Saint Lucia, we are happy to be the proud hosts of the SAINT LUCIA INTERNATIONAL MASTERS FOOTBALL INVITATIONAL, under the theme “Be Inspired”.

At Veterans in Sports, Inc. we pride ourselves in being the promoters of many events shaping the sport of football not only in Saint Lucia but regionally and internationally and providing vital support at the community level.

For the past eight years we have hosted the National Veterans Football Tournament consisting of 24 Teams, 60 full 90-minute matches, running over a period of three months with venues island wide.

In June 2016 we hosted the first ever International Veterans Football Invitational drawing participation of the England National 45 & over Veterans Football Team and the 767 Legends of Dominica. In 2018, with our continued marketing and development of the Veterans Football Brand, we were able to host the Era Masters of Trinidad, and the Island Masters Touring Team of Canada.

Our work in Saint Lucia’s sporting landscape has certainly drawn much regional and international attention to our Veterans Football Brand and has created new partnerships with world renowned athletes like Brian Lara, Russell Latapy, Wesley Webb and Saint Lucia’s premiere footballer and former National Team Captain, Earl “Ball Hog” Jean.

The brand of Veterans Football is a truly wonderful and enjoyable experience. We at Veterans in Sports, Inc. would like to welcome all participating teams taking part in this tournament and to family and friends at the same time experiencing our great Saint Lucian hospitality.

Saint Lucia’s landscape is as diverse as her heritage, no two parts of the island are the same. The town of Rodney Bay will serve as our Masters’ Football Village, which has some of the top Saint Lucian Beaches as well as popular nightlife spots. While parts of Saint Lucia are ideal for its nightlife and beachside parties, others offer opportunities to get away from it all. As an emerging sports tourism destination, Saint Lucia is an excellent choice. Our scenic beauty, natural attractions, numerous beaches, activities and top-rated accommodations await you on arrival.

As you can see with our motto / tag line “EXCELLENCE… SUSTAINED” and our tournament theme “Be Inspired”, we at Veterans In Sports are trying… and I stress trying to make a difference…. This Brand of Veterans Football is not just about competition and winning, but for us it’s about impacting lives in a positive way. We pride ourselves in being Promoters and organizers of ventures that continue to shape both the sport of Football in St. Lucia and the wider region…

We have had some major losses. We remember persons who have been instrumental in our success… Marcia Dolor-Lashley, Jeffa Bellas and again always to be remembered and never, ever forgotten, Brian “Ras Ipic” Mac Donald… Today I know he would be smiling, our vision of bringing foreign teams to St. Lucia is bearing great fruit.

Because of the persons who have left us, and the energy of my team, headed by the hard work of Garvin Niles, Amantha James, Rosemarie Lovence, Lopez Barthelmy, and Tennyson Glasgow, we continue to pride ourselves in maintaining a superior standard of organization in all that we do… we have made significant strides with undertaking new ventures… all in keeping with our promise to constantly develop and enhance this emerging brand of football.

Thank you to my team and those who continue to support this journey.

Eight Years and counting … It has been a great journey…. New sponsors continue to support us to propel the tournament’s success,  Digicel, KFC, The Harbor Club…. Thank you for coming on board in a major way.  St. Lucia Distillers Limited, Peter and Company Distribution, Blue Waters, RJB Hotel Supplies … Thank you so very much.

A special Thank you to Mr. Lyndon Cooper and the St. Lucia Football Association.  Caribbean Alliance, St. Lucia Insurances Limited, Mauricette’s Auto Repairs, Inc., The Trophy Centre and South Shoe Store for your continued partnership.

Veterans In Sports will continue to Lead The Way… we endeavour to be the most innovative and to maintain excellence in whatever we do and to be at the forefront of promoting this entertaining Brand of Football…

All the best and good luck to all teams!!

Alvin Malaykhan

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