Welcome to the vibrant shores of Saint Lucia, where the passion for football meets the allure of our breathtaking landscapes. As the Chairman of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, it is my pleasure to extend a warm embrace to all players and team supporters gathering for the eagerly anticipated Saint Lucia Masters Football Invitational during the 2024 Whitsuntide Weekend.

Your choice to grace our island with your presence is deeply appreciated, and we are honored to host such esteemed athletes and enthusiasts. This event not only showcases the skill and camaraderie inherent in the beautiful game but also underscores the power of sports tourism in uniting nations and cultures.

I commend Veteran’s in Sports Inc. for their unwavering dedication to fostering sports tourism, enriching our communities, and advancing the spirit of athleticism. As the presenting sponsor, we eagerly anticipate the excitement of the tournament and wish the teams the best of luck as they put their feet forward against Gros Islet Veterans.

To all participating teams from across the Caribbean and beyond, I extend my sincerest wishes for success and memorable moments on the field. May your passion drive you, your teamwork inspire, and your skills shine brightly.

Let the games unite us and the spirit of sportsmanship prevail. Welcome to Saint Lucia, where every goal is a celebration of unity and every match an opportunity for greatness!


Thaddeus M. Antoine


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